Balayage Coloring

A coloring technique created in the 70’s but has blown up in the states these past 10 years, becoming one of the most requested services in salons today. It’s a freehand technique in which no foils are used, allowing for a more natural “sun-kissed” color that is customized for you! It is great for all hair types and colors. The maintenance for Balayage is low, thus fewer visits to the salon for a “retouch” and no more line of demarcation that traditional foiling creates. Say goodbye to that line of demarcation!


Designer Cutting

Our experienced artists will keep you updated on the newest trends and fashion. Because styles change frequently, constant education is a must! We guarantee you will leave Lavish Looks very satisfied with your professional services.


Nail Services

Our nail artists have years of experience, and only uses the BEST nail products. With consistent education they keep up with the latest trends. We can make anything happen from the classy pink and white to the more detailed work including glitter and mylar designs. When your hands are ready for the ultimate pampering be sure to schedule your Luxury Exfoliating Pedicure. There's nothing else like it.


Fashion Color

This trend is popular in Utah, and as you may have noticed it’s not just for the young. All ages can rock out on some violet, or pink hair. There are many ways to apply this color technique: from under-lighting, to all-over, to just some random pieces. Best of all it’s not permanent, so you can change it with ease. With proper at-home maintenance these colors last 4-6 weeks.


Clarifying & Deep Conditioning Treatments

Conditioning and clarifying treatments remove product build up and clean hair of chlorine and other contaminates. You’ll be amazed at what getting this service done can do for the health of your hair.


Hair Extensions

We use 100% real human hair and offer it in all different colors. Whether you want to add length, thicken your hair, or just be a little more fun and creative, this is the option for you. They always stay the same color and never fade. Please request a free consultations for this service.



Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian about.png

Brazilian Blowout Treatment

Brazilian Blowout is the only smoothing treatment that can be customized to keep curl and lose frizz, or to achieve a sleek and straight result. Known for significantly reducing drying and styling time for up to 12 weeks, a major benefit of this treatment is that it is finished at the salon with no "down" time. This means you can leave the salon and immediately wash your hair, exercise, put it in a stylish pony tail or clip without having to wait days to do so.


Splint End Repairing Treatment

Professional split end correction is a dual action treatment performed in salon to repair split/broken hair. The end result is instantly repaired, fortified & healthier ends protected against breakage.

  • Instantly mends and helps prevents splits while also protecting against future damage.

  • Defends against cuticle cracking.

  • Rebuilds & helps to strengthen weakened fibers from within.

  • Repairs, protects & defends for up to 4 weeks.

  • Helps to restore vitality to ends.

  • Specially formulated to keep precision cuts looking salon fresh between appointments.